Ulasan Mesin Slot Kapal Perang

YOU SINK MY BATTLESHIP, do you remember that sentence from your childhood? Yes, I’ve said that too many times. Is it an actual purchased game or did you make it out of some cardboard scraps and some used matches.

Well now with the advent of the Internet you can now play the Battleship Slot Machine, this online slot machine has 25 lines, two exciting bonus rounds and on each reel a pile of wild symbols. If you place a wild symbol on the reels you will trigger huge payouts and multiple wins with multiple payouts of up to 125,000 credits but only if you play the maximum bet.

Another bonus round is called the Pick Your Battle game, this bonus is triggered when you get three bonus symbols on the reels of the slots siteone, two and three, this time YOU decide which bonus you want to play, you can play the win encounter bonus or sink the fleet bonus. Fleet bonus sink is based on the original battleship game you played as a kid, you have to shoot down enemy fleets hidden in the grid and you get when up to 16,100 credits as you play using max bet if you manage to sink them all. Winning encounter bonuses are ship to ship battles and can earn you a multiplier of up to 5 times, free spins until the enemy ship sinks or you have spun 100 times, whichever comes first.

While the Battleship Slot Machine has been in pubs and clubs and casinos for a while now, it was the first foray onto the Internet, with excellent graphics as well as fantastic bonus games I’m sure it will be a huge hit for internet slot machine lovers and bring back childhood memories.